Ground transportation

We offer local ground transportation service from different points within the United States.

mk P.O Box


They have special guidance and support to meet all your needs. We establish a bond of trust with the client, where our services make the difference when making the right decision. The consolidation of services to our users are projects of immediate execution, thinking in long-term business terms.

Green Cargo is not just a service, it is the growth of your company and the best strategic alliance. With us you can carry out any shipment of cargo and strengthen the economy of your company, with international logistics strategies.


Green Cargo is a cargo company with more than 17 years of experience, conformed with the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Our goal is to guarantee, optimize and expedite cargo shipments with the greatest effectiveness, thanks to our protocols.

With professionalism and hard work we have positioned Green Cargo within the United States as one of the best cargo shipping companies. Day by day we work to be the number one company in the country, since we have the best human and technological team to supply all the needs of our clients.



We offer local ground transportation service from different points within the United States.


FCL (full container)

LCL (partial load or loose load)

Cargo Projects (otherdimensional load)


We offer handling and storage services to our clients in our facilities located in Miami, FL. We also offer local distribution services for your cargo, and international export. Our warehouse has the capacity of 3800 square meters and __3 loading ramps.

Through the radar our users will be able to monitor all the shipments made through our portal We offer the best monitoring service in the entire country and we strengthen our platforms to supply as much information as possible.
How does it work?
Depending on the service purchased, the customer will be able to monitor their cargo through their guide number (bog0011234), air will bill (906-1223-5345), bill of loading (BL), booking number container number and tracking number of their purchase. By entering these data in the links of our radar you can be aware of the status of your cargo.
Here you can see where it is and in the state in which your merchandise is, by clicking on the radar.

Green Cargo LLC has long-term relationships and agreements with air cargo carriers to meet the needs of our clients.

We offer daily air cargo services for Latin America. In addition, they have our exceptional service, offering packaging, storage and handling of your cargo to its final destination.

The Miami International Airport cargo terminal handles more than 1.9 tons of international cargo per year.


Green Cargo LLC has the Courier Express service to Colombia, where we offer our customers time, quality and service. The Courier Express service is used for urgent shipments where our clients can send parcels with a value less than USD $ 2,000.00 to their families.

In accordance with the provisions of article 19 of the 1978 law, the import regulations are as follows:

* Package must not weigh more than 110 pounds.
* The measurements of the boxes must not exceed, in sum, 60 inches.
* The content of this shipment must be:
Household items, personal, samples of everything that does not have regulations and its value does not exceed $ 2,000.
* If the content is samples, there should be no more than 6 units of the same reference.
* Opium, morphine, cocaine, psychotropic narcotic drugs controlled or not by the Ministry of Health.
* Medications, for being subject to Sanitary Registration and / or prior approval by Invima.
* Food, plants, live or dead animals, homeopathic substances or mixtures.
* Weapons, ammunition, war accessories, clothing for the exclusive use of the military, dangerous material.
* Chemical precursors in the elaboration of etupefa-cients, radioactive material.
* Obscene or immoral objects, war toys.
* Coins, banknotes, paper money or any other bearer securities, platinum, gold or silver, manufactured or not. Garments, jewelry and jewelry.
* Each package has an insurance included of $ 100.00 for total loss.
* If you wish, you can increase the insurance to a maximum of $ 2,000; the additional charge will be 5% of the value.
* All packages must be reviewed by the agent, since it is mandatory to see their content.


Import Export

Green Cargo LLC has highly qualified personnel in the foreign trade area; where our clients will feel satisfied and safe when carrying out their operations with our company. Green Cargo LLC develops correct strategies for the handling of its merchandise, and making the most of the benefits existing in international free trade agreements.

For all this, no matter where you are or what your industrial and personal activity is, you can be sure that we are all prepared to show you how our passion for solutions can contribute to the success of your business.

At Green Cargo LLC the client will be treated as part of our company.


What does it consist of?

It consists of formalizing deliveries within the protocols designed by Green Cargo, where the agent develops the commercial connection between the client.

We design the appropriate logistics for the successful shipment of the cargo.

How do I become an agent?

Fill out the registration form, study of Green Cargo and we enable the program.

mk P.O Box

What is it?

Virtual P.O. Box It is an international box where users deposit all the products they wish to send to other destinations, both national and international.
Now purchases and shipments can be more agile and precise from the comfort of the office or home, since the mode of use and time spent will not take more than a day.


It consists of the creation of a massive flow of cargo shipments to a single destination, where the user saves the products purchased on the web or in person, until the moment they want to send their cargo to their final destination. This makes international stocks cheaper for our clients, saving them time and money.

The economic standards for cargo shipments have prices established in the advertised values for separate shipments, since the prices are higher when sending unit loads. The amounts are more functional when everything is sent in a single package, making rates more flexible for our users.

Get your P.O Box FREE!


What are the advantages of having a Vitual mk P.O Box?

Virtual P.O. Business Box is an international specialized box for companies that carry out international business related to imports and exports, obtaining the best logistical results at special rates.
Our service guarantees logistics and flexible prices for companies with a massive flow of shipments, providing our clients with business attention designed to meet expectations.

¿What does it consist of?

It consists of enabling a warehouse within our facilities in Miami, where our business clients can accumulate their products, until the moment they wish to be shipped to their final destination.

What is the value of acquiring a Virtual P.O. Business box?

Acquire a Virtual P.O. Business box is totally free. Simply what you have to do is open a business portfolio with Green cargo and as a welcome we give you the first year of service totally free.


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